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Webinar "How data makes maintenance activities more efficient and effective"

June 24th | 14.00 - 15.00 CEST

If you recognize yourself in one of the following situations, then this webinar is made for you:

  • Do you waste valuable time searching through files for updated data before you can start your planned maintenance?
  • Does your run-to-failure cost exceed expectations due to loss of income?
  • Do your maintenance activities take more time than planned, caused by discrepancies between plan and reality?

Topics covered during this webinar:

During this webinar we will focus on ensuring any maintenance activity, planned or unplanned, can start on time and finish within budget. We do this by explaining how up-to-data data that is validated and complete throughout the entire organization will streamline any maintenance project.

We will show you how a data-centric approach will save you time, money and resources before, during and after maintenance.

You will gain practical insights on how proper asset data management will control any type of maintenance. Beside that it allows you to use the maintenance results to report to management and make well-based decisions.

Unable to attend?

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