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Webinar "Asset Life Cycle Data Management"

April 22 / 14.00 - 15.00 CEST. 

Do you want answers to these questions during the design stage of an installation?

  • Why should departments responsible for different topics collaborate in this early stage?
  • How do you enable departments from totally different disciplines to collaborate about the life cycle in a streamlined way?
  • How do you ensure that asset data is not lost throughout the entire life cycle of an asset?

Invest a little bit of time in attending this webinar to save yourself and your organization a bundle of time down the road, not to mention the additional cost.


Topics covered during this webinar:

  • The ramifications of not involving all departments in the design stage of an installation.
  • How a data-centric approach will improve communication and collaboration between department
  • How to avoid huge replacements, bottlenecks and downtime issues even before an installation is created.

During this session we'll show you the benefits of a data-centric approach throughout the entire asset life cycle.

Unable to attend?

Feel free to contact us to discuss the topic of asset data management. We look forward hearing from you.