5 Steps to Digitize your Assets

update your CAD content legacy

Updating in your CAD drawings brings an immediate insight into the current state of your assets. Starting with sorting out the P&IDs and other CAD documentation makes the most sense as they form a heart of every technical site.

create consistency in CAD content

Creating a consistency in your CAD content, enables you to have one standard of working with asset documentation. We do that by setting up design standards, such as naming conventions, data sheets and component libraries.

ensure a standard for asset-based plant design

Plant4D platform enables you to keep your asset data up-to-date when encountering new projects. Designing improvements for your plant with the latest asset information available, ensures a flying start of your projects and a future proof your way forward.

enrich CAD content with documents from DMS

Having an asset-centered document management system (DMS)

in place, allows organisations to match the relevant set of information to its appropriate assets. In this way, asset-related information, such as compliance certification or factory specifications, can be found on the asset-level. This brings transparency across functional teams that are responsible for the HSEQ, maintenance, engineering and operations, and foster synergy among them.

integrate all data sources into one platform

Connecting different data sources together (like RBI, EAM, EHS etc.), creates an ultimate source of truth that brings accurate insight into the site’s functionality and aligns all the processes of different functional users.

Be first to experience new Plant4D

We are introducing the latest version of Plant4D version 11, enabling you to go through all steps of digitization. This version is upgraded with data connector, allowing asset data alignment under one source of truth.

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