Asset Information Management for HSEQ

The main priority of Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) professionals is to assure the plant’s regulatory compliance and the asset integrity. HSEQ gathers and analyses the information to provide recommendations so that all technical installations are operating in a safe manner throughout the entire asset lifecycle.

John received the list of all documents and data he needs to provide for the HSEQ audit.

He asks the Maintenance department for the maintenance records.

He asks Engineering for the As-Built drawings.

John asks Operations for permits, performance reports etc.

He realizes that it will take him a few weeks to gather everything for the audit.

Main challenges for HSEQ

Accessing the right information is problematic as it is locked in different departments and management systems that are often incompatible and unable to communicate with one another. A simple task of gathering input for the HSEQ audit may turn into a tedious and time-consuming process that may hinder the quality of audit report.

Access of data

Before providing recommendations on improving the asset integrity and managing the critical assets, the HSEQ personnel needs to form an opinion from looking at the multi-disciplinary data: maintenance, performance records and the technical drawings etc.

Time to look for data

Spending a vast amount of time in searching for the right information, slows down the entire process for audit reporting and may hinder the quality of HSEQ audits.

Safety is a formality, not a priority

HSEQ professionals are struggling to implement the safety culture across the organization due to organizational silos across disciplines.


Plant-4D platform provides a data-centric solution that integrates asset information from different data sources (EAM, CAD, EHS, and DCS), allowing all actors to work with the latest information in real time. In our example, when having our asset information management solution in place. HSEQ professionals would be able to instantly access the right data to ensure the industrial plant's regulatory complieance.

Value for HSEQ

Instant access to meaningful data

HSEQ professionals can significantly reduce the preparation time for audits and increase their quality by having an instant access to the right data: overview of LOTO, permits and MoC.

Less time spent to ensure plant’s compliance

HSEQ professionals can considerably decrease their time spend in searching for the right documentation. Plant-4D offers an instant access to all the certificates and a component catalog that is according to the latest industry standards.

Detect and reduce HSEQ risks

Having the meaningful data at hand, allows HSEQ manager to accurately evaluate and manage the risks involving the technical installations. This leads to improved inspection programs, higher safety performance and lower incident rate.

Strengthen a safety culture

Incorporating the HSEQ data into the work-flow of other departments (Engineering, Operations and Maintenance) creates a shared insight into the risk awareness, which, in turn, enhances the safety culture. With this, safety is no longer a formality.

Value for other disciplines

Plant-4D creates value for all disciplines working with the asset information on the industrial plant.