Digitized Asset Information Management

Plant-4D platform by CEA Systems is transforming the asset information management in Oil and Gas, Chemical and Water Plants. It is based on a premise that all technical asset-related decisions should be made in trust and grounded on solid information.

Imagine all your facility information is accessible for all the parties involved: Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and HSEQ. The right information is pulled together and visualized when you need it the most. No more delays in searching for data and validating the information. It is possible with the Plant-4D platform. 

Slide the slider on the image below to see the information exchange among Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and HSEQ before and after using Plant-4D.

Industry Challenges

The safety critical and asset intense industries are complex, as they handle hazardous materials and/or processes. No wonder they are highly regulated and meticulously documented by disciplinary teams, such as Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ), Maintenance, Operations, and Engineering. As information is the key to making the right and sensible decisions, so is the accessibility of it. Therein lie few common industry challenges.

Time to look for data

Asset information is hard to track as it is created and managed by different disciplinary teams working with the facility. To make spot-on decisions, they all need simultaneous access to data that is stored in different data management systems and is not connected with each other. Thus, resulting in manual and time-consuming activities to collect all that different data.

Quality of data

There is a vast amount of asset related data and information available. Yet, it is saved in different formats, such as 2D or 3D drawings, process diagrams, certificates or paper documentation. Also, the standards used to create the information may differ per department and system used. This creates not only a multi-sided truth of the actual situation on site but also questions the data integrity.

Cross-disciplinary integrity of data

Because HSEQ, Maintenance, Operations and Engineering teams work with the same assets, there is more to gain when sharing the asset information across the organization. As the cross-disciplinary integrity of data is not incorporated in the current data management systems, there is a need for an open source communication platform to exchange information. Moreover, it is an opportunity to gain a deeper and more integrated perspective of the same assets.

Failures due to incorrect or inconsistent data

Every department stores its asset information in its stand-alone data management system, causing general management to be confronted with inconsistent or conflicting data. Critical decisions then must be made built on trust and believe of the situations sketched by the different departments.

Value of using Plant-4D

The Plant-4D platform represents an actual asset situation on plant. It provides plant Operations, Engineering, HSEQ, Maintenance, and Asset Reliability and Integrity as well as the executive management with the ultimate control and visibility of all their asset information in real-time. Here are the major value points of using the Plant-4D.

One single source of truth

The Plant-4D platform aims to digitize and unite the different data sources and become a single source of truth, always illustrating the current situation on site. In this way, you know the actual status of assets and how that can affect your daily work.

Collaboration and data enrichment

Plant-4D unifies all the asset related data from different data management systems (such as CAD, EAM, EHS or DCS) and updates it. This allows different disciplinary teams to collaborate and to enrich the existing data.

Decision making through visualization

The asset related data and processes are brought together and presented in a 2D and 3D environment. Seeing the whole picture will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time.

Value for all disciplines

Plant-4D creates value for all disciplines working with the asset information on the industrial plant.