Spreading the word at the Asset Management Conference 2018


CEA Systems will participate in the Asset Management Conference that will take place in London on November 27th and 28th. At the event, our very own Asset Improvement Manager, Ton Klinkenberg, will be hosting a speaker session about the role of an asset manager and the importance of asset information management. This presentation and many others in the conference aligns well with our aim to manage asset lifecycle information under one source of truth.


Connecting People and Assets

Our mission is to, ‘unite and share the knowledge of HSEQ, Operations, Maintenance and Project Engineering teams’, connecting people and their data together in the most effective and reliable way possible. To do this, we will merge data within the different silos of HSEQ, Operations, Maintenance and Engineering into our Plant-4D solution. This is to create a more systemic and reliable flow of asset information.

We will be using the Asset Management Conference as a platform to promote greater transparency and information exchange within asset-intensive organizations.

Shared Vision for Asset Management

This Asset Management Conference is organized by the Institute of Asset Management (the IAM). The IAM is an international professional body for asset management professionals that develops asset management knowledge. They produce the best practices for greater awareness of asset management disciplines.

IAM’s works resonates well within CEA System’s Plant-4D solution and our visionary, Ton Klinkenberg. As an active member of the Dutch Association for Targeted Maintenance (NVDO) and a board member of the Section Outsourcing and Delivery of Maintenance (SUTO), Ton advocates the effective asset lifecycle management through mutual access of information. 

Throughout the conference, our staff will stand by booth #18 to discuss the possibilities of optimizing your asset information management with Plant-4D.

We hope you will be able to join Ton’s speaker session at the Asset Management Conference. We are eager to meet with you!


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