Plant4D Software

CEA System offers Plant4D, a data-centric software solution for asset master data management with a CAD interface and common language for any other data source virtualization. Basically, it is the backbone for your asset related applications, virtualization and data lake. It is available for you to use on premise or in the cloud. It is connecting all asset management silos by following the great equalizer of parent/child relationships between unique asset locations while conforming to the ISO 14224.


Clear line of sight

In every organization within the process industry, a clear line of sight is crucial to make well informed, high impact decisions for asset management. During your asset lifecycle we create one source of truth conform one communication protocol fitting specifically to your company’s procedures and activities.

Create, edit and view
This means that your asset data is created, edited and viewed from one database, visualized in one view and interfaced to cater your specific needs. Our three basic Client Access Licenses (CAL) are Creator, Editor or Viewer of 1D, 2D, 3D asset data in a 4D environment. All configurable in detail in our security manager matching to your organizational structure.


Master Asset Data Management

With Plant4D we provide your IT department with an asset master data tool and your contractors with an accurate as-built. Your organization has a fully verified and compliant digital twin while your customers benefit from your low controllable TCO and real time information supply. Your upstream and downstream are fully aligned, compliant and in control.


Origin of the software

Originally started as a design tool, Plant4D features 2D and 3D CAD functionalities specialized for Process & Piping (P&P) and Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I) design in the process industry. The software is component-data-driven instead of vector-based which allows for great consistency over all other alternatives that manage files instead of data.

Catered to the process industry
We managed to incorporate principles of engineering design and asset management in a data management tool, specifically catered to the process industry. This industry which provides us with food, fuel, medicine and materials for any conceivable product, revolves around risk mitigation. To mitigate risks effectively you need unambiguous communication and information for optimal decision making. That’s what we enable.


Management decisions

Dashboards and KPIs are top of mind topics when it comes to asset data management and are used to make base critical business decisions on. With CEA Systems’ one single source of truth, management has great insights in the lifecycle, status and location of assets and can plan maintenance, safety and operational activities more precisely.


Mobile device application

Plant4D is accessible in the cloud (on or off premise) and therefore, suitable for a mobile device application, which makes it easy for anyone in the field to access, update and maintain asset data.

Our Plant4D Solutions 


Plant4D ACAD

Plant4D ACAD allows you to maintain, manage and share your CAD content with high accuracy, consistency and security.

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Plant4D ADMS

Plant4D ADMS allows you to enrich the available asset data captured in your CAD content with documentation.

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Plant4D AIMS

Plant4D AIMS allows you to create an overall view of all asset activities and their impact on the organization’s efficiency and profit. 

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