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Our Solution 

  • With Plant4D we offer a data-centric software solution for the process industry to manage asset data using a single, simple and extensible data model.


Data-centric asset data management software



  • With Plant4D you adopt the data-centric approach to manage your asset data. A futureproof data model is created to structurally store and share all data generated during daily operations. This approach will put data in the heart of your organisation, making it your primary and permanent asset. 


    • Using the data-centric approach your data can be shared between all data sources and applications. It can for instance be used as input for your EAM, ERP, CMMS or as the building blocks for your digital twin. Applications may come and go, your data will always be there. 





  • Plant4D is your one source to gather all of your asset data, ranging from component specifications and CAD content to asset activity data. Your asset data is now available across all areas of your company. With Plant4D everyone has access to the same up-to-date asset data.

Plant4D Highlights

Data Centric


Every asset is stored as a uniquely tagged component in a central database. All created data and documents are then linked to this unique tag. This means that data changed at one point in the system will be changed in every other view. It also enables smooth navigation between different views of your data, and most importantly; full integration of your data in your company.

Visualisation of data


Plant4D provides access to a visual representation of your models and schematics. All visual content is created directly from your data. Each time anyone accesses a model, Plant4D is literally regenerating the latest version of the requested content. This means that you have the assurance that every user is looking at the same up-to-date information.

Cloud Access

Cloud Access

Your asset data just one click away. Plant4D is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device. Whether in the office or in the field, you can access, update and maintain your asset data.

Access your asset data

Asset Manager

Asset Manager

The Asset Manager offers a direct view of all assets on your site. Easily filter your assets using families, classes and types. All metadata of the assets is directly accessible and you are given quick access to linked documents, schematics or 3D models. 

Asset Breakdown Structure

Asset Breakdown Structure

All tagged assets are indexed as a component in your Asset Breakdown Structure. This means you can filter to documents, assets and schematics based on the ABS level they are in.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search

The fastest way to your asset data is the advanced search function. While typing, the search engine finds the relevant assets, documents, schematics and models matching your input.

2D Schematics

2D Schematics

Your intelligent schematics like process-, instrumentation- and electrical diagrams are stored in Plant4D. When looking for a certain asset, you can find the asset in those schematics and access all its data from there.

3D Models

3D Models

Locate and identify assets in your as-built 3D models. Pan, zoom, orbit and walk through a model on-demand. Highlight and select the desired asset and gain access to the assets metadata directly from the model.

Manage your assets



Communication between colleagues made easy. Send out notifications on models or diagrams and easily share notes with the right person. Get notified when action on your side is required.

Control MoC

Control Management of Change

Plant4D allows you to do mark-ups in your 2D-schematics or 3D-models and add notes to it. Notifications of the change are sent out automatically within your company to kickstart the process and increase efficiency.

Document Management

Document Management

Attach documents and files to your assets.  Any audit or inspection report, permit, certificate, spec sheet or other documentation can be linked. Each revision of a document is stored to create the perfect overview of asset activities over time.

Drafting Workflows

Drafting Workflows

To increase efficiency and effectively maintain your as-built, all engineering work is secured in a drafting workflow. Lock drawings, assign tasks, publish updated drawings and manage revisions. 

Pipeline Inspections

Pipeline Inspection

Easily manage your pipeline inspections. Inspection points are effortlessly defined in your system. Isometrics and inspection sheets are automatically generated. All reports are saved in Plant4D and are linked to the corresponding pipeline and assets.

Isometrics & Hook-up Drawings

Isometrics & Hook-up drawings

Automatically generate isometrics from your as-built models, originated and validated by Plant4D. Isometric styles are fully customizable, therefore the generated isometrics are conforming to the requirements of your company. A bill of material can be automatically placed on the isometric.

Liberate your asset data

API Integration

API Integration

The Plant4D API allows you to exchange your asset data with other systems, like your EAM, ERP, CMMS or DMS. Changing data in these sources will change the data in Plant4D and the other way around. Asset information everywhere in your company will be up-to-date, complete and reliable.


Design & Manage Workflows

Design custom workflows to stay in control of all asset related activities. Define handovers of asset data in order to improve communication and understanding between your departments. Relevant information is presented in the right format, to the right person, at the right time. 

Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Plant4D allows for granular reporting on asset activities. Use your asset data to create custom reports and evaluate the performance of your assets. Report on KPIs and create a framework in order to make smarter decisions.

“Before using Plant4D we had separate data sources, which were hard to keep it sync.”
– Peter Schuitemaker, Heinen & Hopman



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