Asset Integration Management System.

Companies need an overall view of asset performance to make decisions impacting the competitiveness of their organization. This is often done by manually gathering isolated and static data to a dashboard of which no one is sure how reliable and up-to-date it actually is. Plant4D AIMS, on the contrary, offers a visual unambiguous interface to all aligned data to ensure all data is validated and up-to-date.

Impactful decision-making.
Plant4D AIMS allows connections of different data sources in real time and creates consistency through the use of an asset location driven data model. It reorders and adjusts asset data from different sources accordingly, with regards to unique asset locations. Your information is always up-to-date, complete and reliable for impactful decision-making.


Let's create a picture

Compare it with creating a 360 degree live panorama of a major city in the world from  snapshots made by different people, at different times from different perspectives. By using roll back and assessing reoccurring patterns (such as traffic, work and socializing) in this panorama you are able to prepare for the future with more certainty. 

Your as built as live panaroma
Now imagine this same 360 degree live panorama of your as-built situation, being enriched with the results of any asset activity. Any operational performance, inspection result, maintenance activity, audit result or incidents occurred. The completeness and actuality opens up loads of new possibilities for strategic decision-making and overall increase of performance.


Let’s save some money

It is a fact that companies working with Plant4D AIMS have a 4D-view of their assets, and basically have their complete asset park at their fingertips. Just like playing with a hologram, they can drag and drop timeframes, planning schedules and parts from one location to another, finding out the best combination of solutions. The time-savings aspect will have them calculate which combination will save the most money and produce the most time efficient result.


Reduce downtime and more efficient stock levels

Plant4D AIMS allows for planning maintenance more efficiently, increasing uptime for operations and a more accurate starting point for any project design resulting avoiding delays and additional costs. Over the board, this increases focus on primary tasks, whether it is the field engineer, daily management or on corporate level. The bottom line is that you will improve the utilisation and leverage of your assets (being the actual technical asset or your labour force) throughout the entire life cycle.

Our Software

Plant4D is our data-centric software solution to secure, digitize and visualize your asset data. All data accessible and virtualized in your CAD environment as visual interface. All asset information verified in one source of truth for all your colleagues. Read more about Plant4D.

Our Plant4D Solutions


Plant4D ACAD

Plant4D ACAD allows you to maintain, manage and share your CAD content with high accuracy, consistency and security.

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Plant4D ADMS

Plant4D ADMS allows you to enrich the available asset data captured in your CAD content with documentation.

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Plant4D AIMS

Plant4D AIMS allows you to create an overall view of all asset activities and their impact on the organization’s efficiency and profit. 

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