CAD content management solution

Plant4D ACAD is a software solution for CAD content management. Its component-based structure, in contrary to the vector-based alternatives, allows you to generate the latest version of your CAD design at any time, at any location. It is literally redrawing your content, based on the data captured in an SQL database.

All your CAD designs secured
Any access is registered, any edit is implemented, and any underlying design guideline is secured. As all the data comes from a database, any locally stored version is automatically identified as invalidated and irrelevant.


Your own Asset Breakdown Structure

Plant4D ACAD allows users to create CAD content with their own design features and structure a data model based on their specific naming convention, component library and interpretation of the ISO 14224. The underlying database technology uses this data structure to generate CAD content from scratch, leaving no chance of ever working with an outdated file. This means all CAD content is assured to be the latest version, uniquely tagged and all tagged assets are indexed as a component in a Asset Breakdown Structure and ISO 14224 classification.


Always up-to-date content

Having one centralized source of data also eliminates any duplicate data entries. Using Plant4D ACAD, the updates to your CAD content only have to be performed in one data record and data linked to this record will be sparked to be updated accordingly.  

This makes it a true and controllable single source of truth for your CAD content as well as for your Asset Breakdown Structure (which, on its turn, can be used to check other asset data sources on its correctness and completeness).



Your benefits

As all CAD content is generated from one single database, you will have the assurance that every user is looking at the same CAD content, and that every user has has access to the latest updates to the content.

This will result in no more delays in communication or in CAD editing to the as-built. It also means no more mistakes because of the usage of incorrect CAD content or incomplete lists of assets.

Our Software

Plant4D is our data-centric software solution to secure, digitize and visualize your asset data. All data accessible and virtualized in your CAD environment as visual interface. All asset information verified in one source of truth for all your colleagues. Read more about Plant4D.

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Plant4D ACAD allows you to maintain, manage and share your CAD content with high accuracy, consistency and security.

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Plant4D ADMS

Plant4D ADMS allows you to enrich the available asset data captured in your CAD content with documentation.

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Plant4D AIMS

Plant4D AIMS allows you to create an overall view of all asset activities and their impact on the organization’s efficiency and profit. 

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