Our Software

Plant4D is our data-centric software solution to secure, digitize and visualize your asset data. All data accessible and virtualized in your CAD environment as visual interface. All asset information verified in one source of truth for all your colleagues.

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Plant4D ACAD

Plant4D ACAD allows you to maintain, manage and share your CAD content with great accuracy, consistency and security. This pertains to both P&P and E&I, either separately or in an integrated environment. You can generate the latest version of your CAD design at any time and any location from one single database. Any locally stored version is automatically identified as invalidated and irrelevant.

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Plant4D ADMS

Plant4D ADMS allows you to enrich the available asset data captured in your CAD content with documentation. The documentation is stored and managed in the same database structure as your CAD content. You can therefore check in, check out, freeze and perform any other DMS functionality on documents with the added value of linking them to directly to what they cover, your digital representation of your as built.

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Plant4D AIMS

Plant4D AIMS allows you to create an overall view of all asset activities and their impact on your organization’s efficiency and profit. This is done by connecting any source of asset data and integrate it in the existing asset data model.

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Our Services

CAD As-Built Services

We (re)draw any P&ID, PFD, Isometric, Loop and other drawings or 3D model to meet modern standards and, more importantly, to enable asset master data management. Laying the foundation for a manageable and representative as-built situation. Our deliverables are CAD content of the highest standard in your customer specific situation with the added value of a uniform and consistent asset data model.

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As-Built Consulting Services

We assist you in setting up and securing future-proof and unambiguous guidelines for handling as-built and asset lifecycle data. All conform market standards and your specific customizations. Our deliverable is a uniform and unambiguous method for naming and symbolizing your current and future asset locations.

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