At CEA Systems, we have incorporated the Agile management as our company’s way of approaching the product offering, software implementation, and software development. Here is why. 

What is the Agile approach?

The Agile approach is widely known in the software development and it focuses on the delivery of working, valuable software in an incremental and interactive fashion. The Agile approach promotes the collaboration between the developers and clients by offering a strong project management structure with a goal to reach rapid delivery of the high-end software that supports the main business objectives of the end-customer.

Agile approach at CEA Systems

At CEA Systems, we like the Agile way of working because it is flexible and concentrates on the delivery of the product or features that are needed to meet the most pressing client’s business objectives, one at the time. The data system implementation and change can be overwhelming. Receiving and validating the results in small phases, help to assess the success of the project and adjust the course of action, when necessary.  

We are approaching the product offering to our clients, the software implementation and the software development in Agile methodology. Here is why.

  • Product offering
    Plant-4D is an innovative solution that is going to change the way industry is handling the asset related information on plants. To implement the data solution in an existing architecture may be cumbersome. To show meaningful results of the Plant-4D in no time, we offer a gradual product integration with different data sources that meet their business objectives, starting from CAD and DMS and moving to DCS, EAM and EHS systems.    
  • Software implementation
    We use an Agile approach to implement the Plant-4D platform to ensure that there will be no mismatch between expected and implemented functionality. The delivery of the project deliverables is handed over to the customer in small batches. Thus, ensuring a high level of acceptance.
  • Software development
    At CEA Systems, we use a proven and effective Agile development approach called Scrum. With Scrum, we can plan the Plant-4D software updates, which focus on relevant features and customer feedback.