What is a clear line of sight and why should you care?

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For an organization to make well-informed long-term decisions on their asset data, there must be an asset strategy with a clear line of sight. This is to strengthen all end-to-end collaboration and communication company-wide. This strategy must always stay consistent and remain up to date with the latest trends and the dynamic market needs.

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A clear line of sight: the complete overview of your asset activities to obtain information needed to create an asset strategy.


The story of three bricklayers

I’ll explain this further, have you heard of the three bricklayers’ story? It goes like this:

“Once there were three bricklayers. Each one of them was asked what they were doing.

The first man answered gruffly, ‘I’m laying bricks.’

The second man replied, ‘I’m putting up a wall.’

But the third man said enthusiastically and with pride, ‘I’m building a cathedral’"

This is a line of sight story or lack thereof; it highlights the importance of collaboration and communication, asking the bigger question of not just what you are doing, but why you are doing it.

After you find out that you are laying bricks and building walls to build a cathedral, ask, who will be using this cathedral? Take a similar situation, but instead of a brick you are working with P&IDs. You update your P&IDs to create an as-built in order to make well-informed decisions and improve site safety. Before you can even start updating your P&IDs, you need to know the regulations and standards for a safe site. Create this clear line of sight of your asset activities and start re-aligning asset information to make better decisions in this volatile market.

3 Benefits of a clear line of sight

There are multiple benefits for adopting a clear line of sight in your strategy. Here are three of the most important reasons why you need it:

1. Strengthened organizational collaboration and communication

Your asset data is ensured to be complete and up-to-date, alleviating the challenges of organizational silos. This is because everyone will be looking at and working on the same asset data and all changes made to it will be shared to anyone effected. As concluded from the brick layer story, once all departments involved in asset data understand the reasons why data is important, what impact it has on the organizational strategy and decision-making process, the way they communicate with each other will improve immensely. Once they know what impact asset data has on both their own and other departments, they can anticipate consequences, mitigate risks, inconsistencies and confusion, ultimately creating a synergy in working together.

2. Capacity to easily adapt to market changes

You have the ability to easily capture more snapshots of your asset data throughout time. This compilation of snapshots will give you a more complete view of all related asset activities throughout your asset’s life cycle, which promotes more consistent up-to-date and aligned asset data. Using up-to-date and aligned asset data makes it easier for you to adapt quicker to the market changes. This is because you will be able to assess the impact the market changes have on your assets and how to use it to your advantage. 

3. More granular reporting

You will have a greater understanding of your assets’ life cycle. Everything is updated up to the smallest detail available. All these details are linked to prevent confusion and inconsistencies between different datasets. Having past, present and future data placed in one scope gives tremendous value for you over time and gives you a more granular scope of information, facilitating a clearer report of your assets.


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