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Webinar with Stork: Working efficiently with optimized asset data

Stork and CEA Systems will be hosting a webinar together.

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Within many organizations, departments do not optimally work together. They operate on their own 'islands'. This is reflected in the provided information: departmental silos and systems that are not aligned with each other, resulting in all kinds of inefficiencies.

We also see this in asset management and maintenance, which means that maintenance costs rise, the output is not optimal, and planning and lead times are longer. Incorrect and not up-to-date asset data can also lead to non-conformities in statutory audits and increased security risks.

In this webinar, Marc Hoppenbrouwers (Stork) and Thomas Koop (CEA Systems) will show why organizations that focus on their asset data are more successful.

Optimal collaboration

If organizations can manage their data centrally, they will notice that a common asset data source will be available. This reflects the current asset situation from different angles with comparable insights and unified conclusions. If this is also visualized, flat data is converted into smart information: transparent, accessible, always up-to-date and validated. A basis for optimal collaboration and efficiency.

Webinar points

Marc and Thomas will answer questions such as:

  • What are common bottlenecks in the internal information provision?
  • How can you organize and manage asset data centrally?
  • How can you visualize data for optimal use?
  • Which systems can help with this?


If you can spare 30 minutes of your time on Wednesday, September 15 from 12.00 till 12.30 and you speak Dutch, then you can register here 

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