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Webinar Recap: A data-centric inspection process

On September 24 we hosted a webinar on this topic: how a data-centric approach will improve your pipeline inspection process.

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This webinar on managing the inspection process is especially interesting to innovation managers, technical managers, plant managers and any inspection related specialists. The webinar focusses on how to maximize the results and efficiency of the inspection process with a data-centric approach. Participants will gain insights into how they can ensure that their asset data are always updated and how this will benefit their pipeline inspection process.

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Effectively keeping asset data up-to-date

Outcome of industry research indicates that 24% of time spent in the process industry is on updating and validating asset data. This time amounts to about 2 hours a day of valuable resources that could be spent otherwise. Learn how to save time by keeping your asset data up-to-date any place, any time.

How to capitalize on these asset data?

Once your asset data are updated, the question remains: how can we use these data during daily activities? A pipeline inspection is a perfect example of a process where asset data are shared between departments during different stages of this process. Learn how to capitalize on a data-centric approach to save money, time and effort.

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