Three ways a software solution helps you create a clear line of sight

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A clear line of sight is the complete overview of your asset activities to obtain information needed to execute an asset strategy. There are multiple benefits in having a clear line of sight. The most important ones: 1) strengthen collaboration and communication, 2) easily adapt to market changes, and 3) make reporting more granular.

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Most information to create a line of sight is handed to you as a status update of your asset(s) at a certain moment in time. A snapshot if you will. And there will be a lot of it. With a large amount of data created continuously, it becomes imperative that a line of sight must be supported digitally as it will be too much to handle manually. Digitally support your data through a software solution that can create a digital twin of your assets and manage your asset data efficiently.

Here are three ways a software solution can create a clear line of sight for you:

1. Improving shared understanding by visualization

Visualization is nothing new in the process industry. We have been visualizing our asset data for a while whether it’s through photos or scanning drawings. However, with these visuals, it is easy to leave gaps in the information because these updates are not always consistent. This makes your asset data more at risk of being outdated and incomplete, which makes it harder for you and your team to work efficiently.

When your software solution can fully visualize your assets automatically in its 2D and 3D format, you will add important layers to it. When you are working with many complex asset data, it is convenient to use these layers to graphically visualize your asset’s location and align it with other related activities. 

2. Improving decision making 

When you take snapshots of your assets and align it over time, you will get a clearer overview of its life cycle. The more snapshots you can align, the more accurate and valuable your information is. For instance, an inspection report is more valuable if you can relate it to its previous inspection results. A software solution that can give you the necessary tools to quickly thread different snapshots together over time will give you a more complete overview of your assets. 

Knowing the complete history of your assets will give you key information to determine the most effective strategy and determine your next asset activities. It will help you with activities regarding predictive and preventative maintenance and achieve overall decision making.

3. Improving the reliability of your asset data

Standardizing your asset data gives you one solid framework to work with. This is important when you are working with different departments because everyone will be using the same rules and formatting, making all asset data consistent and easy to use. 

When you are using a software solution that gives you the platform to share asset data that is standardized, it effectively reduces the risk of misunderstanding and misinterpreting it. Spend less time determining if your asset data is correct and start working on more valuable asset activities to drive better results. 


Using the right software solution will help you obtain a clear line of sight for an effective strategy of your asset data, making it easy for you to manage it. 

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