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Read our article published in the issue of January 2020 in the Tank Storage Magazine. 

Written by Robin van der Mijl, the commercial director of CEA Systems  and addressing the following questions: How do companies end up with so much unused and obsolete data? and How does the industry adopt a more effective way of preventing this and optimising a better way of managing asset data within Industry 4.0?
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Dark data in industry 4.0 : where is it from?

Within Industry 4.0, there comes a wave of new innovations that create a mass number of new asset data. Artificial intelligence, high-precision scanners and cloud computing are just some of numerous new innovations that are in production in the market today. It is important to have new asset data created but priority must also be placed on managing it.

So, what is the best way to ride this wave of Industry 4.0 and manage asset data more effectively ?

Our article reveals all the answers

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