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Plant4D Version 11.2 Released

On March 1, 2021 version 11.2 of Plant4D is released. The focus of this release was on enhancing the stability of the software and significantly increasing its usability.

Increased stability

Both the Component Builder and CAD Content creation functionality have been completely redeveloped. As a result, the stability and performance of the software has improved. With the completion of this development, we have created another solid foundation to further advance our software. This allows us to adapt faster to new customer requirements and continuously expand functionality of the software.


Several changes are made to the interface to increase the overall user experience of the software. With this release, a more consistent and standardized look and feel is applied throughout the application. Plant4D users can perform their tasks quicker and easier without any further delays.

Added functionality

We have made incredible upgrades to the existing modules, expanding its functionality. The enhanced data functionality can now be used in more modules in Plant4D, allowing you to generate an even more complete view of your asset data. 

Other updates in this release includes:

1) 2D Drawings can be exported to PDF in different paper sizes.

2) Pipe diameter conditions can be used as condition in the Highlight & Select Module.

AutoCAD 2021 Support

In this version, we have included Autodesk AutoCAD 2021 support.


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