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User case using Plant4D to share engineering asset data

Many companies in the process industry require a big ‘data reinvention’ for their asset data management. This reinvention comes from having an effective way to create, analyze and share vast amount of data in real time. The stakes are high and the market is ever-changing and more competitive. It is now more than ever essential to adopt a data-centric software solution such as Plant4D to fuel the growth of your data and maximize the potential value of all assets.

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Plant4D has been used to centralize all data sources for asset owners in the industry, improving asset data management. Plant4D provides advanced capabilities to synchronize, visualize every asset data company-wide. This makes all real-time changes and updates accessible to everyone such as, engineering, maintenance, and even third party companies.

These 3 key features ensures that you are utilizing your data effectively and future-proofing your asset data management. It intertwines the complexities of data from different data sources and provides up-to-date and validated asset data.

  • Synchronizing


It is common for most asset-intensive companies in this industry to hire third parties for their projects. These stakeholders may use their own applications for their work activities, but the way the data is named and organized are not always aligned or even shared instantly.

It is important that all data sources from every department within the company and also from those outside of the company are aligned and connected. Fortunately, the synchronization of data in Plant4D does not only occur internally, but externally as well.

  • Visualize


Whether you’re working on a greenfield or brownfield project, changes and updates occur daily. Plant4D visualizes these changes both in 2D such as, P&IDs and isometrics, etc., and in 3D.

Earlier, we mentioned the synchronization of data departmentally, both internally and externally. However, in this case, the synchronization also spans across all 2D and 3D data. No changes or updates will go unnoticed with Plant4D, whether it is accessed within the 2D or 3D-model. 

  • Accessibility


Accessibility is a key component in ensuring the future-proofing your asset data management, keeping up with your data growth, and staying ahead of the competition. Plant4D utilizes an AutoCAD-based user interface to access ‘as-built’ information derived from up-to-date and validated asset data.

There will be little to no doubt that the data used will be reliable. Manually searching and collecting usable asset data will be a thing of the past as the required data will always be available at anytime and anywhere. This significantly decreases future misalignments and errors, saving everyone in the company an exponential amount of time and costs.

User Case with PipeXperts

Below, we have a user case study prepared with one of our clients, PipeXperts. They demonstrate the synchronization, visualization, and accessibility features of Plant4D for their design and engineering work activities.

For asset owners, this user case shows the intense connectivity of data even within one department. Plant4D ensures that the management of asset data starts with the data in the departments while simultaneously connects and expands outwards. This is gives a true data reinvention for an effective and future-proofing asset data management.

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Read our user case study with PipeXperts

This user case study with PipeXperts showcase the role Plant4D has to improve its data and future-proof its asset data management specifically for its design and engineering activities.