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Report: Round table Sessions December 2019

On Thursday December 12, CEA Systems hosted the second round of its round table sessions. This round was called “Weten = Winnen” (Knowledge = Power).

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IAM Conference 2019: a true digital twin is more than a copy

On November 27 and 28 2019, The Institute of Asset Management organized the Asset Management Conference 2019 at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel in London, UK. Asset Managers and thought leaders from all over the world travelled to the UK to learn about the latest developments and innovations in asset management.

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Nationaal Asset Management Congres 2019

On Wednesday November 27 2019, CEA Systems participated in the “Nationaal Asset Management Congres” held by NVDO. NVDO recognizes that “Management and Maintenance” is no longer an isolated discipline anymore but plays a key role in the Asset Management chain. These departments are looking for harmony with other disciplines within organization.

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Storage Terminals Magazine writes about Vopak's digital transformation

The Storage Terminals Magazine published an article with Mathijs Kossen, Innovation Manager at Vopak, about the use of a digital twin and the importance of staying up to date with the latest digital innovation. With the constant growth of demands in the market, it is important to not only create asset data but to find an innovative way of managing it.

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Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2019 with iTanks

On October 8 & 9, Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference 2019 opened its doors to all professionals in the offshore industry. This year’s edition was focused on “home of energy transition”, shaping the future of energy together. 

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Turn asset data into lifecycle gold!

Technical people are often linear thinkers. Linear thinking is a thought process where each step triggers the next one. If a = b, and b = c, then a = c. It’s how Henry Ford’s assembly line came to existence and how Kaizen, Lean and Six Sigma methodology matured.

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Introducing a new CEA Systems logo

We, at CEA Systems, are excited to reveal our new logo design! With all the progress done to our software solutions and organization, comes a natural change of our visual identity. We believe that the new logo illustrates what CEA stands for.

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Looking Ahead into 2019

The new year brings in a new chapter full of opportunities to look forward to. Within this new-found chapter, we reveal new leadership, new commercial approach, and a new office location for the HQ in The Netherlands. 

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Digitization in Asset Information Management

Any asset manager in a capital-intensive industry would be interested in having a long-term holistic asset strategy. To make sound asset management decisions, complex systems require a more holistic overview of all information and processes of the plant. Whilst the amount of information is not an issue, the quality and the access of information has proven to be difficult. A strategy that uses a more holistic approach can be utilized to increase asset lifecycle value and achieve long-term business goals and objectives.

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Asset Management Conference 2018

CEA Systems participated in the Asset Management Conference that took place in London on November 27th and 28th 2018. At the event, our very own Asset Improvement Manager, Ton Klinkenberg, will be hosting a speaker session about the role of an asset manager and the importance of asset information management. This presentation and many others in the conference aligns well with our aim to manage asset lifecycle information under one source of truth.

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