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iTanks Connectivity Café on July 3 2020

Mark your calendars for July 3 at Onderzeebootloods, RDM for the iTanks Connectivity Café 

In the context of rapid digitalization happening globally and being connected today more than ever during lockdown, iTanks innovates and connects us on July 3 through the Connectivity Café event in Onderzeebootloods at RDM. Here the major players in the tanks & storage community will meet corona-compliant and share knowledge and experience in the field of (digital) connectivity.



When it comes down to digital connectivity, CEA Systems is one of the first contributors that comes to mind. CEA Systems’ main focus is to guide industrial companies to take the data centric approach. Creating a data model, working from one source of truth allows these organizations to access data when and how it is needed. Some of these benefits of this centric approach is greater speed and accuracy in reporting to more well-informed decision-making.

There will be two programs that you can participate in, both starting with a plenary session with iTanks’ information and a keynote pitch. Then the visitors will be divided into small break out groups that will alternate from one pitch to the other. Every pitch will be hosted by another company and will last about 8 – 10 minutes.

Of course, there will be plenty of opportunity to catch up, share knowledge and network.

For more information and to sign up for this event, visit the website.

Corona compliant: The organization ensures smooth visitor guidance. They provide clear walkways, hand sanitizers, space and distance and clear marking where visitors can stand safely.

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