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Wake up early for this incredible iTanks breakfast pitch

iTanks has an amazing concept which works very well for the early birds:

their members’ breakfast pitches.

A forum where 4 people get 3 minutes time to pitch their organization or product. Of course, the sessions have an interactive feature which allows viewers to interact, ask questions and give feedback on the topics pitched.


So, on March 18 at 8 am, CEA Systems has the opportunity to pitch. Presenter Thomas Koop, CEA Systems' Customer Support Manager, will focus on how Covid-19 effects the asset data in the process industry. In the past people would go into the field performing physical field checks, wonder into each other’s offices to get some drawings or discuss some topics. The isolation, lockdowns and quarantine force them to stay at home and organize all of this from a distance.

That is not an easy job to take care of.

Keeping asset data up-to-date, complete and validated is a challenge under normal circumstances, consuming, on average, about 2 hours a day per person. Now with Covid-19 hindering these processes, it even takes more time with confusing results in the end.

Koop will explain how a data-centric software solution, such as Plant4D, will eradicate most of these obstacles, enabling people to get their asset data organized from a secure location at their home office.

This presentation will be held in Dutch. 

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