2019 In Review. Gearing Up For 2020.

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As we stand on the brink of a new decade – the 2020s –  CEA Systems embarks the 20s with data at the heart of every key business initiative, accented by a growing sophistication in technologies and methodologies focused on increasing the intelligence of our enterprise.



What went well? 

This is a staple question we ask each year. It's far too easy to bypass the wins and the good that comes within any year. 

In recent months we have organized various in-house seminars on turning asset data into lifecycle gold. During these meetings we enter into a dialogue about:

> What is a Digital Twin? (And what is a 3D scan?)
> What does Industry 4.0 bring? (And how do you manage data?)
> Why is my asset data never up to date? (And what does that actually cost?)
Ultimately, it's about making well-informed decisions. To do this, it is necessary to prioritize, unlock and share data.

2019 has been a busy year for the CEA Systems’ team as we’ve traveled to numerous industry events, (re)connecting with asset managers as well as making new connections with many companies who are excited to learn more about the advantages of our services. (Our recent events and activities )

Another highlight that made our year is the continuous partnership between Vopak and CEA Systems. We have been working together to, step by step ,create a digital representation of Vopak’s physical assets, known as a Digital Twin.



Where do we need to go next? 

The new year brings a new chapter full of opportunities to look forward to for Plant4D, the backbone for a company’s asset-related applications. It is available for use on-premise, or in the cloud, when its browser version is launched in 2020. 

As the old year fades in the rear-view mirror, we look forward to the promise of the one just begun with more events, more updates and more accomplishments.


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