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Digitization in Asset Information Management

Any asset manager in a capital-intensive industry would be interested in having a long-term holistic asset strategy. To make sound asset management decisions, complex systems require a more holistic overview of all information and processes of the plant. Whilst the amount of information is not an issue, the quality and the access of information has proven to be difficult. A strategy that uses a more holistic approach can be utilized to increase asset lifecycle value and achieve long-term business goals and objectives.

Digitization in Asset Information Management

Quantity vs. quality of information

Organizations have a tremendous amount of data around their physical assets. New data is constantly added and altered throughout an asset lifecycle by various functional teams. It is important to transform this vast amount of data into useful information.

With the rise of emerging technologies, it is now possible to create more variety and reliability of data. Devices such as laser scanners and sensors reveal the real-time effect of the physical assets. This new data has great potential for unlocking meaningful insights into predictive maintenance and optimizing operational decisions through trends like IIOT (Industrial Internet Of Things), machine learning and even through the digitization of your physical assets.

However, organizations with silo-like mentalities are unable to unlock this potential. Despite the extensive data created, if data is not aligned and inclusive, it will skew the way you view the reality on the site. The alignment of data obtained from these fragmented functions are required to create a more meaningful, trustful and useful information of your asset lifecycle.

Technology enabling connectivity

This gap can be bridged with the enabling technology that brings order into the vast amount of data by connecting it to its physical assets. This connection creates a common ground that will unify all necessary data together to reveal a real-time situation of the plant. To form a solid asset strategy, it is important to have the right information at hand, as it allows an all-inclusive decision making, which in turn ensures higher productivity and asset-availability.

Asset data and smart integration 

CEA Systems has acknowledged the tremendous potential that smart data integration can bring to an asset-intensive market. We have brought talented experts on the subject matter of asset management and HSEQ into the team to further build upon our solid engineering software development knowledge and to create an integral asset information management solution.

Using a data integrator in an asset management framework will open new opportunities for not only asset owners and managers but also for all the functional teams, including Engineering, Operations, HSEQ, and Maintenance.

Sharing knowledge

CEA has made a commitment to connect people and their assets with our asset information management solution. To actualize the meaning of a digitized asset information in the field of asset management and maintenance, we have become an active member of numerous international and national knowledge centers: the Institute of Asset Management (IAM), the Dutch Association for Targeted Maintenance (NVDO) and iMaintain. Staying close to the market and to the professionals in this field will allow us to stay up to date about the latest developments and exchange knowledge.




Additionally, we aspire to educate maintenance professionals and asset managers about digital transformation in asset information management.­­­

Our visionary and asset improvement manager, Ton Klinkenberg, will be hosting a speaker session on November 28th at the IAM Asset Management Conference on the role of an asset manager and the importance of asset information management.

We hope to meet you there!


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