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Data visualization on a tank terminal in Antwerpen

On April 29th, we will be co-hosting a webinar together with PipeXperts. The webinar is on the combining and visualization of asset data within the process industry.

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We have been asked by the Dutch chapter of IAM (Institute of Asset Management) to deliver a refreshing look on how asset managers should put asset data at the core of their organization. 


The webinar will be joined by Thomas Koop, our Customer Support Manager and Koen Penneman, the Founder of PipeXperts. We will take participants along to understand not only the importance of centrally locating asset data, but also to make it available across disciplines, and in turn creating an effective “single source of truth”.

In the webinar, we will use a live example of a tank terminal in Antwerpen, and how the tank terminal combine and visualize its asset data. You will hear its success story and be inspired to take action to optimize your own asset data.

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Please note, this webinar will be delivered in Dutch.

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