Nationaal Asset Management Congres 2019

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On Wednesday November 27 2019, CEA Systems participated in the “Nationaal Asset Management Congres” held by NVDO. NVDO recognizes that “Management and Maintenance” is no longer an isolated discipline anymore but plays a key role in the Asset Management chain. These departments are looking for harmony with other disciplines within organization.

Talking about the theme of “Asset Management in Harmony”, CEA Systems realizes the importance of using data in a clever and agile manner instead of just generating it. The most efficient way of achieving that is by updating data and accessing it in a "single source of truth", being an understandable and shared environment.




Speaker session Robin van der Mijl

With top speakers and an interactive debate at this event, we discussed "The transformation of asset data into lifecycle gold" , this presentation was held by Robin van der Mijl, the Commercial Director of CEA Systems.



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