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We're going live at iTanks!

After such a long time not seeing our customers, suppliers and relations, we are going live again for the first time in a year, during the iTanks Live event on July 1.

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On Thursday, July 1, iTanks organizes a traditional iTanks Breakfast event as they have done so many times in the past. During this breakfast event, at the lovely hour of 7.30 am, different organizations get the opportunity to present their innovative solutions. This will take place at the Courzand, Rotterdam location, well known to the iTanks community. What is so great about the iTanks events is the amazing opportunity to network. Many iTanks members have visited these weekly events and gotten to know the other industry colleagues, which enabled them to work together, grow their industry knowledge and even recommend each other services and products to their own customers.

CEA Systems is really excited to be a part of this event, hopefully, the first again in a series of many to come. So join us, as we are there bright-eyed and bushy-tailed to welcome you, have a cup of coffee with you, and tell you all about our way to manage your asset data more efficiently and effectively.

Register for the Breakfast Pitch

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