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Written by Katerina Kerr, the Editor at Tank News International alongside Robin van der Mijl, the Commercial Director of CEA Systems, Tank News International published an article entitled "Assets at your fingertips" mentioning CEA Systems and emphasizing our software solution Plant4D.

"The solution, Plant4D, has allowed CEA Systems to become a market leader in the process industry. It provides a solution to digitise, visualise and secure asset data. All of the data used is accessible and virtualised in the CAD environment as a visual interface and held as one source for all users ".  (Read the full article)


Enrich your database

The article highlights the importance of enriching your database and generating asset information from a database in real-time and not pre-generated, therefore always most recent.

The process involves reducing asset data to a unifying characteristic, its unique parent/child relation to another asset position. Every design, audit, inspection, incident or other asset data is deduced to its position in the asset tree. To enable a shared understanding, this asset information is visualised in process drawings and 3D.

Vopak & Plant4D

All of our progress could never be valuable without our clients and the article underlines our work at Vopak.

Vopak and CEA Systems have been working together, step by step to create a digital representation of Vopak’s physical assets, known as a Digital Twin.

“If you want to design a new part of a terminal it needs to interface with your current infrastructure and then therefore scanning is a good tool used for years,” says Mathijs Kossen, Innovation Manager, Vopak. “But now we also use it for maintenance management as a search interface and to validate alignment between records of assets in various asset data systems like safety, maintenance and operational systems.”


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