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5 Ways Data Is Like Water

You’ve probably heard the saying, “data is the new oil” a thousand times by now. We can all live without data, or even oil, but there's one thing we can't live without: Water.

Therefore, for businesses, data is like water. Here is why :


1- Companies cannot survive without data.

From the polar ice caps to steamy geysers, wherever water flows on this planet, you can be sure to find life. Likewise, wherever data flows there is business activity. No movement in data means no information to base decisions on. Not progressing is regressing. Data is absolutely critical to your business survival and has no alternative.

2- Companies can drown in too much data.

What is too much data? We can drown in water if we can’t control its flow. Does this apply to data too? Yes. The same concept applies if we fail to contain the overflow of water. Losing control of data means you’re unable to convert it into valuable resources for your business. Those who do not acknowledge this overflow will be left gasping for air.

3- Clean data at the source.

Like water, everyone has access to data. Unfortunately, the source is not always reliable. If you don’t treat water properly then it gets polluted and becomes unusable. Everything depends on being able to trust the quality of the source of that data, understand how it flows and who has access to it.

4- Expensive data may not be better data.

Your mountain spring or municipal tap water may be as good or better than your expensive bottled water. In the same way, the data you already own may be better than what you could acquire from a third-party data vendor. You just need to know what you require, how to validate and utilize it.

5- Data management is a long-term project.

Whether the problem is too much water or too little water, municipalities need to have long-term plans and invest in capital projects to manage their water problems. Durable solutions for data management are required, if not fundamental.

One thing is certain, however: we need as much efficiency and clarity in data management as we do in water management. Without platforms like Plant4D, our asset data management software, data will never be stored in an integrated way, will never be presented in a consumable form and will never be available for a multitude of users and applications. 

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