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It shouldn’t be so hard,” you told yourself standing in front of the mirror, holding a pair of rusty kitchen scissors. Due to the quarantine, your hair salon / barbershop is closed which means your hair isn’t getting a professional treatment any time soon.


In case you missed it, we have started a CEA Systems’ hair salon / barbershop during this isolation. But instead of hair, we advise you on how to manage your data, help you get rid of any impurities and groom it for easy asset data management.

But before heading over there, here are 5 ways why data is like hair.

1 - A refreshing wash to get rid of unwanted asset data

The data you store is important, right? It can contain sensitive company or customer information as well as commercially valuable information. The problem is; a lot of data we store can quickly become obsolete or redundant. And all this data takes up a ton of space, so let’s give it a quick wash and analyze the best way to treat your assets.

During this wash, we will wash out and inform you about all the unwanted clutter, such as multiple folders with lists and lists of data, all stored on our private domain, not to be shared or synchronized with others.

2 - An essential groom to analyze your asset data

After the wash, you can quickly analyze your asset data and figure out the best approach to manage your data goals. This a huge step in building a more efficient asset data management program and to ensure that you weigh all the important considerations and take the right steps to set your company up for digital asset management success.

3 - An energizing conditioner to structure your asset data

Quarantine is an excellent opportunity for you to take back control of your assets and give its data the appropriate care. Now that the current state of your asset data has been identified, you can use the appropriate conditioner to prep it for cutting and styling. You can structure and style your data the way that best fits you.

4 - A crucial cut: eliminate useless details and re-align your data

Do not let this distance stop you from managing your asset data. After the wash, you can organize your assets into shape and re-align all data. This is the time that you eliminate useless processes of keeping track of data that cause more breakage and slow its growth. By cutting away all irrelevant processes, you can determine the length of your decision process. This is where you determine the course of action and what the future of your asset data should look like.

5 - An everlasting style: maintain only relevant and nourishing data

There is more to these makeovers than meets the eye — sometimes. Keeping your data well-groomed, updated, completed and validated under the current circumstances may be difficult. That is why it is of the greatest importance to safeguard your data in one source of truth, eliminating isolated silos within your organization, so it is easy to manage and provides you with a clear line of sight.

If you are interested in learning more about effective asset data management, then enter our virtual hair salon / barbershop. Allow us 15 minutes of your time to discuss with you the condition of your asset data and use your input to groom and shape them better. We will simplify asset data management that you can perform anytime and anywhere. It is free and without obligation.

So contact our specialist, Elaine Foster, to book your appointment at +31  639832780 or elaine.foster@ceasystems.com 



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