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3 Reasons to start centralizing your asset data

Within the process industry, there are vast amounts of assets that a company is responsible for in the field such as a tank, pipe, valve, etc. With every asset comes plenty more asset data that must always be maintained and regulated. But, how can you guarantee that your asset data are always up to date and shared to everyone in your company?

With a data-centric approach and centrally storing your asset data, all changes from different applications and departments will be connected. Centrally stored data will make it easier for anyone to have better management of their growing database. Below are points to explain what we mean by this.

1. Independent from any application

When data is stored in a single and disconnected application, the data is at risk of being lost. When the application ceases to exist or does not work because of update errors, for example, then you cannot use your data. Data that is stored independently from the application is not dependent on the existence of that application to survive. It will remain alive and continuously grow.

2. Eternally available

Data that is disconnected from other data sources will also disconnect from everyone else in other departments. Therefore, data not centrally stored will remain in isolation within separate application and loses value as it cannot be accessed and used by others. Centrally storing your asset data significantly increases accessibility of data across every department.

3. Continuously up to date

When data is separately stored, it will become isolated and thus becoming misaligned and outdated. Centrally storing your asset data means that there will only be one everlasting source of up-to-date asset data. The constant connection of data sources company-wide allows updates to occur at anytime and anywhere, and everyone will have instant view to the same updates.

You may think that you have all the data you need but how do you know for sure? Use data-centric technology to be more efficient in managing your asset data. Maximize the potential value of your asset data. This will not only save so much time but also money for your company as the most important and tedious job of updating and sharing crucial asset data will be made a lot easier and faster. 

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