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User case study: Connecting with asset data at sea

This case study explains how Heinen & Hopman uses Plant4D to solve the problem of having multiple data sources of invalidated data, while the quick availability of reliable information is a crucial aspect of their business.

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iTanks Connectivity Café on July 3 2020

Mark your calendars for July 3 at Onderzeebootloods, RDM for the iTanks Connectivity Café 

In the context of rapid digitalization happening globally and being connected today more than ever during lockdown, iTanks innovates and connects us on July 3 through the Connectivity Café event in Onderzeebootloods at RDM. Here the major players in the tanks & storage community will meet corona-compliant and share knowledge and experience in the field of (digital) connectivity.

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5 Ways data is like a vaccine

According to the World Health Organisation, Vaccines prevents at least 10 million deaths between 2010 and 2015, and many millions more lives were protected from various diseases all over the planet.  

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Are you maximizing your assets’ capacity?

In recent months, the process industry has seen drastic changes made to the market due to COVID-19. As the world is placed in lockdown, the demand for crude oil significantly decreases as it is not being used. This creates a new challenge in the tank storage sector as tank space for crude oil has reached its full capacity.

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5 ways data is like hair - Let data shape your business

It shouldn’t be so hard,” you told yourself standing in front of the mirror, holding a pair of rusty kitchen scissors. Due to the quarantine, your hair salon / barbershop is closed which means your hair isn’t getting a professional treatment any time soon.

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Technology in the process industry. Why it’s a need, not a want.

Have you ever wondered why technology is so important for businesses within the process industry? Why are people spending so much time and money investing in technology?

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Report: CEA Systems at StocExpo 2020

Spending quality time with visitors and congratulating them on their perseverance & presence, that is how we experienced StocExpo 2020 from March 10 – 12, 2020. We connected, discussed challenges and found opportunities while we put our solutions and conversations on the table at world's leading international bulk liquid storage event.

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Three ways a software solution helps you create a clear line of sight

A clear line of sight is the complete overview of your asset activities to obtain information needed to execute an asset strategy. There are multiple benefits in having a clear line of sight. The most important ones: 1) strengthen collaboration and communication, 2) easily adapt to market changes, and 3) make reporting more granular.

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CEA Systems at StocExpo on March 10 – 12, 2020

StocExpo will be opening its doors to the tank storage community and CEA Systems will be there in full force at stand number E14. This event will take place in Rotterdam Ahoy from March 10 to 12.

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What is a clear line of sight and why should you care?

For an organization to make well-informed long-term decisions on their asset data, there must be an asset strategy with a clear line of sight. This is to strengthen all end-to-end collaboration and communication company-wide. This strategy must always stay consistent and remain up to date with the latest trends and the dynamic market needs.

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