New Whitepaper: Digitizing Asset Lifecycle Information

CEA Systems' global team unites the expertise in a software development with a substantial field knowledge in engineering and industrial asset management. With this whitepaper we aim to actualize the industry’s need for accurate asset data and show how integrating data in a database-centric platform improves the asset information exchange among different disciplines on site: Engineering, Operations, Maintenance, and HSEQ.

The Need for Accurate Asset Data

To maximize the value from the industrial assets and to reach smart and timely decision, requires accurate information on the actual situation on site. Traditionally, disciplinary teams that work on site (Engineering, Operations, Maintenance and HSEQ) handle data differently. This creates a data fragmentation and time delay in searching for the correct information.

Benefits of Accurate Asset Data

Digitizing asset information throughout its entire lifecycle by means of an integrated platform, ensures that all the data management systems used to store asset data are integrated and updated. In this way, all the disciplines are always up-to-date about the current situation on site.

What is this Whitepaper about?

The questions discussed in this whitepaper:

  • What are the consequences of not having accurate data about your site?
  • What are the barriers for industry’s reluctance to digitization?
  • How connecting data in a database-centric platform tackles these challenges?
  • What are the benefits of having always up-to-date asset lifecycle information?

The whitepaper provides you with practical tools to deal with the digitization and system implementation in a complex organization, by presenting:

  • Asset Data Enrichment Method to implement an open-source platform while ensuring maximum acceptance within your organization
  • 5 practical tips to digitize asset life-cycle information within your organization

Go to this page to download the whitepaper!

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