A solid foundation

A solid foundation needs an unambiguous set of rules and guidelines to meet, maintain and expand on. In the case of your CAD content, this concerns your naming conventions, component libraries and layouts. These need to be consistent and secured to allow any alignment of otherwise uncontrollable growth of asset data. Whether it would be transparency in use, revamp or as-built expansion.


Meeting standards

Therefore, our deliverables do not only meet your own specific CAD standards but also the underlying data model. This data model ensures that now that the asset tags are the same, no component symbol is misused, and no asset exists without a reference to a parent or child. The only discrepancies are your unregistered MOCs (which we deal with in our software solutions).



Ensure the as-built situation

As your content is not secured in an asset data management solution there is no integrated or natural way to ensure adjustments of your content to the as-built situation. We therefore provide scans, field checks and consultation services to ensure accuracy at that moment in time. However, to maintain accuracy, you are in need of a proper asset data management solution.


Reduce cost per project

CEA Systems focuses converting your physical drawings and PDFs into high quality CAD content. We do this so you can allocate your resources to achieve more valued activities. You benefit from up-to-date asset data and CAD content while deploying your valuable resources on your most profitable activities.


First time right

Our engineering experts are specialized in converting asset documentation, implementing changes in projects and ensuring that all data is 100% accurate. You will enjoy a full First Time Right experience, as there will be no mistakes in the engineering work.


Quality Management

Since you define the drawing guidelines, component libraries and custom-made standards that adhere to your organizational standards, we are bound to follow these rules. You can trust us that the deliverables will be compliant with your standards for all of the projects.


Happy engineering is cheering…

Having your engineering department focus on the real complex and important work will challenge their intellect and inspire their motivation. They will be more effective and goal-oriented to accomplish their tasks and excel in their work. Leave the important, yet tedious job of digitizing and updating CAD content to us so your people can focus on your company’s future.