Consulting Services

No more inconsistency in legacy projects. No more conflicting asset tags forced upon you by different contractors. Our as-built consulting services ensure that there is no more confusion around your lifecycle data. You will not have to figure out which method has been used for new projects or know that your asset structure is not compliant without being able to define why and how to improve this.


ABS, ISO 14224 and customer requirements

Our deliverable is an easy, software secured, asset breakdown structure (ABS) of all your unique asset locations with reference to their parent and child relation, the correct symbolism and the legacy asset tagging for archiving reasons. All based on the ISO 14224, in line with the CHIFOS standard as well as defined in a component library and naming convention.


Meeting market standards

In the petroleum and natural gas industry, great attention is being paid to safety, reliability and maintainability of equipment. Therefore, the ISO 14224 was introduced in 1999 to safeguard people, equipment and environment. With our as-built consulting services we can create a future-proof Asset Breakdown Structure that conforms to the ISO 14224.