Our Mission

To make every technical asset-related decision smart and sensible by giving everyone access to correct, reliable and up to date information

Our Vision

Connecting people and assets together, creating a digital world to make our real lives safer and sustainable

Our Legacy

  • Over 40 years of experience in developing software for the process industry and industrial engineering

  • The never-ending process of refining our product and reinventing ourselves

  • An innovative mindset as foundation for developing database-driven 3D-modeling software


Who we are now

  • An international software company, combining our love for data and our knowledge of the process industry

  • Practising an agile and flexible way of work to be a front runner in the 4th industrial revolution

  • Providing you a software solution to liberate your dynamic asset data to all: Plant4D


To infinity and beyond!

  • Be an innovator in handling the otherwise uncontrollable growth of asset data

  • Lay the foundation to combine any current and future digital innovation

  • We are humans, let’s connect