We love data

CEA Systems has a long history of solving problems within the complex organizations with the help of our intuitive engineering software. The experience gained in aligning our customer’s information systems strategy with their business model helped us to tap into something big. Something that will become a game-changer in the entire industry.

We love data; and we will show you how connecting different management systems makes you in control of your plant. 

Industry Challenges

Heavily regulated industries, such as Oil and Gas, Chemical or Water Plants, are increasingly departmentalized. HSEQ, Maintenance, Operation and Engineering departments work with different systems, databases, and standards. To make spot-on decisions, they all need simultaneous access to data that is stored in different departments and is not connected with each other. Thus, resulting in tedious, dull and time-consuming activities to collect all that different data.


The solution that we offer is to break the vicious circle of traditional separation of departments’ practices and embrace the perks of being connected.

Our intuitive 3D content viewer is designed to visualize and connect the different management systems used in every department and location. The changes made in one location also trigger or update the related data in other locations via the Plant-4D platform.

As a result, our technology creates a real-time integral overview of the status and condition of a plant, needed to operate in a safe, efficient and sustainable way. The Plant-4D platform truly helps customers to “connect” their compliance and use it as a start to get into control.