Südsachsen Wasser saves 40% on engineering costs with Plant-4D


Südsachsen Wasser, operating since 1994 is the leader of the Administration Union Fernwasser Südsachsen. Südsachsen Wasser ensures the supply of drinking water for more than one million people in the South-Saxonian area of Germany.

They provide a broad spectrum of tasks, for example:

  • The running of waterworks and nationwide water delivery systems;
  • Specific performance (especially in the field of water supply);
  • Waste water treatment (including automation engineering and overall control technique).

Südsachsen Wasser designed a special 3D-model with CEA’s Plant-4D, Plant Design Software. This is proved to be one of Südsachsen’s special achievements. This 3D-model was primarily generated for their own plants, but in the meantime it is also used for plants from neighboring associations.
Through these plants, more than 13000-m3 dam water can be filtrated per day. During the design process of the plant, the emphasis was laid on creating the smallest possible footprint. With Plant-4D, the 3D-model is offering the possibility to use all available space in the most optimal way.


Plant-4D offered Südsachsen Wasser several advantages, resulting in substantial gains for the company. For example, The Plant Design software gave Südsachsen Wasser a great number of automatic routines leading to 40% reduction of engineering and drawing hours.

Furthermore, if the customer wants to change the request, the flexible nature of Plant-4D enabled Südsachsen Wasser to add adjustments very easily. So the new requests could be realized in a short amount of time. In addition, an other big advantage and time-saver is the bill of material, which is generated automatically.


Finally, with the integration of the plant identification system into Plant-4D, an optimal interface to the plant-automation system became visible (for example, consumer lists, cable lists, wiring diagrams etc.).