Giprogaztsentr used Plant-4D to design the Kamensk Shakhtinskaya compressor station in order to maintain the desired parameters of the gas in the gas pipeline Sokhranovka-October which supplies the North Caucasus region. The COP is equipped with five units of GPA-16M-03 “Ural” with a working pressure of 7.4 MPa. The Kamensk Shakhtinskaya compressor station serves the following functions:

  • A two-stage gas cleaning system
  • Compression of gas to the desired pressure
  • Cooling of gas after compression


The application of Plant-4D resulted in the following benefits: The design process of the whole project was automatically linked to other departments; The workload of engineers were significantly reduced through automatic generations of drawings, specifications, bills and contract specifications; A database was established; The visibility of the project for customers and contractors was increased; A higher quality of the project was realized.

AboutĀ Giprogaztsentr
Giprogaztsentr was established in 1968 as a joint-stock company in Gorky, Russia. In 1994 the company was admitted into the State Institute for Designs of pipeline transportation of gas in the central regions of the USSR and changed its name to Giprogaztsentr. Today Giprogaztsentr has become a diversified company offering services in all stages of construction projects in the gas industry. Giprogaztsentr has successfully implemented over 40000 projects so far. The following numbers have been achieved:

  • 3More than 40000 km of gas pipelines of different diameters
  • more than 150 compressor stations
  • 1135 gas distribution stations
  • 11500 km of trunk and intra-communication lines
  • More than 10000 km of power lines
  • 91 gas filling stations4