Dahlman Industrial Group is committed to the use of Plant-4D for filter system designs.

logoDahlman Industrial Group is a company which has wide experience and knowledge in the field of design, production and installation of dust-, gas- and liquid filtration systems.

Since 2002, Dahlman Industrial Group has used Plant-4D for designing their filter systems. These filter systems are skid mounted units, which are completely manufactured and tested at Dahlman facilities. This means that as soon as the unit arrives at site, it can be connected and filtration can start.

These projects are similar to the design of a small plant, because all disciplines are involved in the design.


  • Civil engineering (steel structure)
  • Mechanical engineering (vessels, heat exchanger, etc.)
  • Rotating equipment (pumps, fans etc.)
  • Process engineering, Electrical (motors)
  • Instrumentation (valves, transmitters, etc.)

All the equipment which needs to be designed, can be drawn in Plant-4D.

  • Steel structure, including ladders and platforms
  • Pressure vessels
  • Piping
  • Pumps, fans, valves and instrumentation
  • Cable tray layout


At previous jobs, these skids were designed with 2D software, which is less efficient – especially when changes have to be made. Besides that, with Plant-4D clashes can also be determined and deleted. This means substantial time saving during production.


Plant-4D selection
In order to minimise design mistakes and improve the efficiency & efficacy of the assembly, Dahlman Industrial Group started to investigate the use of a 3D design program. CEA suggested leasing Plant-4D licenses, this gives Dahlman maximum flexibility with respect to the workload during a certain period.

When the workload is low the contract can be suspended for a while. When the workload is high the amount of licences can be expanded. After using Plant-4D for over two years, Dahlman is still exceedingly satisfied with all of Plant-4D features and capabilities.