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CEA As-built

CEA Services we provide for plants

CEA integrates all Asset information of EAM, CMMS, DCS and CAD in our Plant-4D Platform and all Asset information can be viewed in easy 2D and 3D viewers without IT Knowledge.


  1. Laser scanning your Plant
  2. Making intelligent P&ID’s  of the Plant
  3. Making 3D layout of the plant in cad
  4. EAM/CMMS – Plant-4D integration of the Plant
  5. Add all your plant data, docs like Safety, Atex, Manuals, Photo’s, instruction movies, excel etc to the tags of the Plant.
  6. Integration of the DCS software with Plant-4D


  1. Laser scanning your Plant

Specialists will make laser scans of the Plant and add TAG notes to the scans and

Will make link to Plant-4D

Advanced make laser scans of the plant and add specs and components to make asbuilt model

Like the asbuilt situation


  1. Making intelligent P&ID of the Plant

Specialist will look at existing P&ID and analyze laser scan and real data to make the intelligent Plant-4D P&ID


  1. Making 3D layout of the plant in cad

Specialist will look at the laser scan and drawings and make an intelligent Plant-4D model


  1. EAM/CMMS – Plant-4D integration of the Plant

Specialist will make one asset break down structure of Plant-4D and EAM/CMMS combined

LOTO, Working Permits and MOC will be viewed in your 2D and 3D Viewer


  1. All your plant data like foto’s word excel etc will be linked to the tags of the Plant

All related information of components in the plant will be added to the TAG


  1. Integration of the DCS software systems

Export and Import  of DCS data to the Plant-4D Platform


What will you get in the Plant-4D and 4D Explorer

Your laser scans with or without intelligent tag notes

Your intelligent P&ID  I&E and mechanical 2d and 3D data and drawings

Your EAM ABS structure in the 4D Explorer   ( Asset Breakdown structure )

Your EAM data incl MOC, LOTO and working permits in the 4D Explorer and Plant-4D

Your DCS software data in the 4D Explorer and Plant-4D

Your EAM data like foto pictures etc in the 4D Explorer and Plant-4D


What will you get when your Plant is 4D Asbuilt

All information of EAM, CMMS, DCS, CAD is combined  and up to date

No double or wrong mismatch of information on maintenance and engineering departments of your plant

One single source of information  of your plant

Easy view of 2D and 3D of your plant without the need of knowledge about complex cad or database systems

All Asset information is up to date

For Plant Manager:

Easy view of all the Asset information of the Plant in a Plant Explorer view

For Engineering:

Asset Information of your plant and by engineering projects is up to date  and you can add/ change the Plant Engineering and design  and will be automatically updated in  CAD and EAM

For Maintenance:

By defects easy change of all the Asset information EAM and CAD  and view in 2D and 3D which components of the plant have the problems and gives the warning

By adding new components in the plant LOTO, Working Permits and MOC and CAD is integrated

Easy 2d and 3D views in the explorer or plant viewer without knowledge of IT

By preventive Maintenance all information is viewed  in your 2D and 3D and will be isolated for review

For Contractors:

Contractors will have all the up to date information available no need to wait or search for information anymore, by using 4D Explorer or Plant Viewer ( MOC, LOTO and Working Permits)



More details:

CEA Systems offers as-built engineering service to projects of small and large scales. Our experienced engineers make sure the data and drawings of your plant are up-to-date.

Clients can send us printed marked drawings or submit them digitally. A transfer will be carried out by our engineering team according to the requirements of the client after the as-built is completed.

Our engineers are also skilled in traditional techniques such as manual survey and red-lining, as well as the intelligent conversion and migration of large amounts of drawings and data to other systems.

Zudg_2Our as-built service includes:

  • Site surveying and red-lining
  • Update drawings as per red-line markups
  • Create intelligent as-built P&ID’s, I&E and Piping drawings
  • Migration and conversion of large amounts of drawings and data to other systems
  • As-built engineering based on Cloud Point data
  • Store all information of your plant in one source

plant_picks_007.224194014_stdSite survey and red-lining

CEA Systems has extensive experience in manual site surveying of existing plants. Our engineers collect existing drawings and use them as a reference to measure as-built dimensions for P&ID’s, instrumentation, electrical, equipment, piping, structural civil and other miscellaneous items in the plant.

Afterwards the red-line mark-ups are submitted to professionals in charge of plant operations in their respective disciplines for final approval.

Update Drawings as per red line markups

pid3Our engineering team is able to efficiently update drawings
according to red-line markups.

Create intelligent As-built P&ID’s, I&E and Piping drawings

CEA systems offers the following complete solutions: project setup, customization, administration, P&ID trouble shooting, I&E and Piping drawings, consistency check of drafting database, reports.

  • 6a0162fc3ff330970d015436f71442970c-800wiP&ID’s and associated information
  • PFD’s and associated information
  • Links to supplier/ vendor information
  • Asset, TAG, and/or SAP information
  • Equipment & Engineering Specifications
  • Links to maintenance documents and systems

Instrumentation Information:

  • Instrument Index
  • Instrument Loops
  • Datasheets
  • Different Reports
  • Panel layouts, Wiring, and More
  • ISOto3DElectrical information
  • One-lines
  • Electrical Cable Types and Routing
  • Load / Consumer List


Equipment-DatasheetMigration and conversion of large amounts of drawings and data  to Plant-4D Platform
Our software engineers are able to migrate or convert different excel, graphic and database systems to Plant-4D Platform

We can link all data of systems such as EAM SAP , INFOR , Maximo, CMMS, DCS,  Document management systems in the Plant-4D Platform

 As-built maintenance  according to Cloud Point data

CEA Systems offers 2D and 3D modeling services according to cloud point data to clients who require highly accurate documentation of their existing facilities. CEA Systems partners with laser-scanning companies to offer complete as-built solutions.

CEA Systems is able to translate captured as-built data into
3D CAD Models.

18Cloud point data collected from laser-scanning can be converted to produce an accurate 3D as-built CAD Model, intelligent or non-intelligent as required by clients.

Our CAD engineers have completed numerous as-built modeling projects. We have sufficient resources and experience to ensure your laser-scanned data is modeled quickly and cost-effectively. Our proven work process ensures both consistency and quality .

View all your information of your plant from one place 

CEA Systems offers advanced solutions through which
the plant owners can view maintenance engineering data in one Plant-4D Platform
These data can be: CAD files, images, PDF’s,manuals, datasheets and
other database information such as EAM, CMMS, DCS like SAP, Infor, Maximo, Rockwell,

Page 5 Top Left Electrical SchematicThe information can be organized in various manners:

  • In an intelligent  tree structure
  • By Tag
  • According to the area of the plant

All related information such as MOC, LOTO, Working Permits, ABS,  2D / 3D drawings, images, PDF’s, excel files, datasheets, and manuals are displayed in a 2D, 3D viewer

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