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Plant-4D Support Modeler


Plant 4D Support modeler is an add-on module providing a complete professional solution for accurately modelling of industrial hangers and supports between Pipe and steelwork.

This module gives you the flexibility to model pipe supports according to your standards.

The module offers a large number of libraries of catalog components to a variety of industrial standards


Plant-4D Support modeler offers powerful routing tolls for positioning and replacing hangers and support components either manually or automatically.

Plant-4D Support modeler provides a large catalog component library which helps you reduce errors and allows you a quick and consistent design based on specific standards.The catalogs contain different types of hangers, pipe clips, sliders and other supporting components.

The module can perform Interference and consistency checking for designs and delivers quality Assurance.

Integrated consistency checking and hard and soft clash detection ( Interference checking) ensure results of high quality.

Reports, Bill of material and part list are automatically generated.

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