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Plant-4D Structural

structural Design Software

structural Design Software

Plant-4D Structural are special modules within the Plant-4D family for the design of structural layouts.

Comprehensive libraries of standard structural profiles are supplied as standard.

Creating and Editing Steel Structures

Plant-4D structural offers powerful tools for positioning, replacing and dynamically editing steel components.

Structural Design Software

Plant-4D Structural allows users to interference check members at nodes and provides facilities to offset or cut members ends. Users can choose from a series of definable stiffeners such as plates.Plant-4D Structural includes Cutting and Detailing with a catalogs of steel sections for many steel standards worldwide, including round and rectangular hollow sections, taper flanged beams universal beams, universal columns and C Channel profiles.Each design is based on intelligent connections between member ends that serve to precisely link different steel sections.

Plant-4D Structural makes it easy to freely add definable steel plates to your steel structures. Users Can choose predefined plate profiles of different thicknesses from the catalog provided, define the required size and place them in the right location. Holes for pipes or ladders can then be added easily.

Plant-4D Structurals also includes a handrail tool for quickly creating steel handrails.

The catalog includes a wide variety of commonly used handrails.


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