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Plant-4D Pipe


Piping Software

The Plant-4D Pipe module is a powerful tool, which enables the user to create a fully populated 3D design model of a plant. The Plant-4D kernel ensures a tight integration between the 2D schematic drawings and the 3D physical model. The Plant-4D Pipe module supplies full functionality and catalogues based on international standards.

For maintenance purpose you can see your permits, Loto, and Management of change from your EAM/ CMMS systems and can automatically High Light and Select and alarm warning.


Piping Software

Piping software

Plant-4D Pipe is platform independent, running on AutoCAD and MicroStation regardless of the version. Both CAD-systems can even be used fully flexible in the same project. Plant-4D communicates with multiple database engines like: MS-Access, SQL Server and Oracle. The data is stored in a neutral format and can be represented in any way required. The Plant-4D Pipe product is integrated with the 4D-Explorer front-end which provides the user with full reporting, viewing and issue management capabilities.

Plant-4D Pipe runs both locally or in a network environment. Multiple users may access the project database simultaneously and will be notified if attempting to modify a record already opened by another user. User rights and group rights will be distributed by the Plant-4D administration utility inside the 4D-Explorer.

Due to the unique database concept of Plant-4D, P&ID’s are fully integrated with the Pipe module. This means a.o. that engineering data in P&ID’s and piping layouts are fully shared. The same applies to documentation linked to equipment, etc.

Plant-4D Pipe components and workgroups can be found in specifications, maintained in the 4D-Explorer. All current components can be produced according to the internal standards as DIN, ANSI, NEN and NF. You can extend the available specifications easily according to your own company standards. If required you can even do this per client or project, when your customer requires specific standards on component. For defining tailor-made specifications, we developed the Specgenerator. By applying this tool, the user can generate personal specifications from the different catalogs of producers and suppliers. Adding extra data (e.g. descriptions, stock numbers, etc.) makes this specification into an intelligent and very efficient tool.

Plant-4D Pipe Functionalities:

In addition to the commands for manual placement of components, Plant-4D Pipe offers you many automatic functions, avoiding costly errors and saving man-hours.

Model and data generated with automatic routines:

  • Automatic placement routines
  • Automatic placement of elbows and pipes along a system, or user  defined router line
  • Automatic placement of gaskets, weld gaps and bolts
  • Automatic Bill of Materials
  • Automatic generation of images and sections from the 3D model
  • Automatic generation of isometrics
  • Adoption of other Plant-4D data into pipe
  • Can come with extensive component library like: steel, equipment, HVAC, cable tray, Georg Fisher, etc.

Individual configuration aspects:

  • Simple editing of component dialogs
  • Simple modification of tag numbers convention and related dialogs
  • Simple modification of the database structure

Plant-4D Pipe highlights:

  • Specification driven 3D intelligent Pipe layout
  • 2D General arrangement and section tool
  • Full reporting module, B.O.M. / M.T.O.
  • Local and Network functionality
  • Platform independent
  • P&ID’s fully integrated with the 3D Pipe model

Advantages of Plant-4D Pipe:

  • Considerable reduction of drafting hours
  • Considerable reduction of engineering mistakes
  • EAM/ Cmms information like Safety, MOC, Permits and LOTO can be viewed in your 3D Model
  • Fast and user-friendly design
  • On-line help functionality available
  • Runs on both AutoCAD and MicroStation (even in same projects or models)
  • Many automatic drafting routines
  • Standardization
  • Increased functionality
  • Communication with all databases
  • Very stable operating environment
  • Language independent
  • Menu driven
  • On-line reporting capabilities (configurable)

Specially designed for engineering and maintenance usage during the entire plant lifecycle.

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