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Plant-4D P&ID


Plant-4D P&ID is the platform for basic Engineering, Process Engineering, Incorporating Process Flow Diagrams and Process & Instrumentation Diagrams.

Your Plant-4D P&ID gives you all the info /messages of Safety, Permits, LOTO and Management of Change from your EAM / CMMS system.

Plant-4D P&ID is a data centric application ( linked to EAM, DCS, PLC, CMMS systems) that comes with a huge symbol library, all according to ANSI, BS, NF, NEN, DIN and ISO standards. Besides these symbols, it is possible to design specific symbols for any company.



Plant-4D P&ID Functionalities:

  • Works on AutoCAD and/or MicroStation CAD Platforms

Components, Placing and Automatic routines including:

  • Placing of Equipment, Instrumentation, Process-lines, Valves, Reducers and Vessels
  • Design Vessel dialogue
  • Design Control valve dialogue
  • Automatic break of Process line when a component is placed
  • Automatic break of crossing Process / Instrumentation lines
  • Replace existing component
  • Edit component (for example: color, layer, line type, line scale)
  • Different routines for automatic annotation
  • Automatic placement and generation of TAG numbers, which are definable per user
  • Consistency checks for double TAG numbering throughout the entire project
  • Intelligent On- and Off- Page connectors
  • From-To Information
  • Assembly manager
  • Automatic Loop connection
  • Standards: ANSI, BS, DIN 28004, NEN 2195, NF, ISO and others
  • Components are defined independent of CAD platform
  • Components share same data: change of common data (e.g. diameter, class and commodity) is reflected throughout the line
  • Real intelligent reducer

The user is able to exchange data with Plant-4D P&ID:

  • EAM/ CMMS /CAD Data is always up-to-date
  • Free data exchange with all ODBC supported databases
  • Generation of reports (e.g. Equipment lists, etc.)
  • Use of common data for components
  • Sharing of data between all Plant-4D modules
  • Process line Manager
  • Amount of data entered can be defined by the user (information level)
  • The Full reporting module, with this Plant-4D P&ID module you are able to set up full reports on:
    -Line Lists
    -Component schedules
  • The 2D component builder module, can use existing AutoCAD blocks
  • Interfaces to other programs:
  • Intelligent P&ID generation
  • Full reporting, which includes line lists, component schedules, data sheets etc.
  • Data exchange capabilities with Plant-4D Pipe and E&I 

Plant-4D P&ID can be used with other users, working graphically; placing a mixture of symbols and data. Pure data may be input into the database without requiring the use of Plant-4D or AutoCAD or MicroStation. In practice, a CAD user may wish to place graphics only on a P&ID whilst other, non-CAD users, input the data. This opens the possibilities of allowing certain personnel to be involved only where they are needed.

The database allows common data such as line number, line type, etc. to be entered once only. This is then inherited into all other components in that line. Many other fast draughting techniques are available such as intelligent editing functions.


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