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advanec viewerThe 4D-Explorer allows database entry and reporting without a CAD platform. This is useful for personnel who need to read or write data or generate reports but do not have or need access to a CAD system. 4D-Explorer is a web technology Project Database Management Solution, which includes the following:

  • Full reporting, line lists, component schedules, data sheets, MTO, BOM etc.
  • Up to date Asset Breakdown Structure of the Plant (ABS)
  • MOC, Lock out Tag out and Permits for maintenance available
  • Plant-4D Project Administration/Data Management control
  • Data exchange capabilities with Plant-4D Pipe and P&ID
  • View your DCS and PLC data
  • EAM Assets viewed in 2D, 3D and 4D Environment
  • Project Manager for creation, maintenance, and user authorization

4D Explorer for up to date (ABS) Plant Engineering and Plant Asset information system  

  • PID1The plant asset information (ABS) is up to date and the latest status is accessible to any authorized person.
    This person may view, modify, query, print all drawings, word, excel, foto’s, pictures in the 4D Tree with 2D, and 3D intelligent viewers
  • One user interface for the most efficient way to access other in-house systems (maintenance, inspection, etc.) and all related information without the need of costly conversions.
  • With the 4D-Explorer you are able to start with small parts of your plant, and over the years, build up a  (ABS) digital tree of the whole plant layout with all the engineering documents available.
  • Centralized data storage guarantees consistency between drawings and data.plant-4D picture
  • 4D-Explorer can be configured to support multiple site projects distributed on a global scale, thus having the ability to gain instantaneous access to the latest information available from different sites.
  • Eliminates the need of maintaining a duplicate set of data, resulting in increased accuracy data integrity, quick turnaround and delivery of revised data, improved communications and lower project costs.
    Eliminates errors and costly rework due to wrong or outdated information.
  • The EPC Company can use 4D-Explorer from the start to build up the whole project (i.e. all engineering documents, drawings, databases, etc.) in order to hand it over to the plant owner in one digital format at the conclusion of the project.

4D-Explorer Advantages

  • Digitization of the whole plant facility in a 4D Asset Breakdown Structure (ABS).
    In your browser you can add, change, view and query all data of the project / plant facility.
  • 4D-Explorer works together with industry standard software like Google Chrome, Explorer, Excel, Word, PDF, JPG, TIFF,
  • Full Physical representations of the plant are available to engineering and operations worldwide.
  • 4D-Explorer puts all the plant information and documentation (drawings, engineering, notes, maintenance, supplier and management) in one place and is accessible to everyone in a secured way.
  • Enables remote engineering, allowing your global organization to manage detailed engineering activities worldwide.
  • CAD Platform & CAD Version independent (works with AutoCAD and MicroStation).
  • Database independent (works on databases like Oracle, SQL Server and Access).
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8,10 and future versions
    Scheduling of operations, maintenance and inspections is at your fingertips from your own PC.
  • 4D-Explorer allows Plant owners to start small and during the years buildup your facility in a digital 4D layout
  • One viewing source for all the engineering and maintenance documents in the whole facility.
  • EAM information like LOTO, Permits, MOC are available in 4D Explorer and Plant-4D.
  • 4D-Explorer is language and location independent.
  • 4D-Explorer is out of the box ready to go.
  • 4D-Explorer is not difficult to learn and you can start immediately, even if everything is not fully defined.
  • Different languages available.
  • 4D-Explorer ensures no future legacy data problems.
  • 4D-Explorer will work on your existing computer network, in-house database, and in the Cloud.


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