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Pressure Vessel Calculation Software – PD 5500

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Pressure Vessel Calculation Software - PD 5500

Pressure Vessel Calculation Software – PD 5500

Rules for pressure vessels according to British Standard; PD5500

This software package performs design and compliance of pressure vessel calculations according to the British Standard, PD5500.

The major advantages:

1. Saves Time – Average time saving of 90% on the time taken to carry out the equivalent hand calculations. Results are presented in a format suitable for direct presentation to client or insurance authority and is recognized and accepted by all leading insurance companies and certifying authorities.

2. Improves Accuracy – computer programs, unlike humans, perform calculations in a consistent manner and once validated, produce consistently accurate results. This consistency also avoids the omission of additional checks required by design codes, easily omitted when carrying out hand calculations, particularly when incorporating design changes.

3. Allows Design Optimization – the speed with which the effect of design changes can be assessed, allows the designer to try several design iterations and minimize material costs. The software performs design and compliance calculations in accordance with BS5500. A database of material stresses for both codes is provided as an integral part of the package and a dedicated team of software and vessel engineers supports its users.

The software provides the following design facilities:

– Design of shells, dished ends and cones for internal pressure
– Design of shells, dished ends and cones for external pressure
– Flange design – Reinforcement of openings
– Stresses due to local loads on shells
– Stresses induced by saddle or ring supports on horizontal vessels
– Wind and earthquake loadings on vertical vessels
– Out of roundness of cylindrical shells (BS5500)

– FDA5 (British Standard flange design)
– TSD5 (British Standard tube sheet design)
– TSL5 (British Standard tube sheet layout)

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